SENTINEL Scrubbers

True Protection From Hazardous Gases

System Description

The Sentinel Series is a unique line of air pollution abatement devices specifically designed to treat semiconductor reactor effluent streams that contain highly corrosive, toxic or reactive gases. These point-of-use (POU) scrubbers are usually located as close to the process tool as possible, often in the sub-fab or cleanroom chase. These robust systems handle all water-soluble effluents from the process tool, including solids generating gases such as WF6, BCl3, and DCS.


  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • SEMI S2 certified
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Successfully treats F2
  • N2 Shielded Inlet prevents water backstreaming to vacuum pump, keeps inlet clear
  • Multiple chamber design hydrolyzes gases, removes both gases and particulates
  • Extremely long gas residence time
  • Removal efficiencies >99% on SiF4, DCS, WF6, HF, HCl, NH3 to name a few...
  • Small footprint
  • Integral 50 gallon sump
  • Venturis induce gas flow and remove fine particles
  • Zero pressure drop
  • Liquids can be run in closed loop or continuous fashion
  • Solid clear PVC construction
  • Standalone and complete system integration capabilities

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