A Triple Threat To PFCs

System Description

Trinity is a complete, self-contained system designed to abate PFC, SiF4 and acid gas emissions resulting from etch and CVD manufacturing operations. Trinity employs two water scrubbers integrated with a catalytic reactor system. The first water scrubber, located upstream of the catalytic reactor, removes acid gases and SiF4 from the pump exhaust. PFCs pass through the first water scrubber and are decomposed within the catalytic reactor. Product HF (generated during PFC destruction) is removed downstream of the catalytic reactor using a second water scrubber. The net result is a process for complete control of etch and CVD emissions.

Trinity employs a patented poison resistant catalyst that reduces PFCs to CO2 and HF. The catalyst is capable of operating in excess of one year without replacement. Use of a catalyst greatly reduces the operating temperature necessary to destroy target PFCs, leading to a significant reduction in system size and costof-ownership compared to other PFC abatement technologies.

Trinity is designed for point-of-use abatement, but is readily scaled to multi-tool applications resulting in reduced capital and operating cost on a per tool basis. Trinity is located downstream of the process pump and operates independently of the chamber process. Therefore, no chamber process requalification is necessary. Trinity contains an internal bypass that allows the chamber process to continue to operate during periods of routine maintenance. The operator interface can provide remote communication with the process tool.


  • > 99.5% removal of SiF4 and acid gases in pre-scrubber
  • > 95% destruction of PFCs in catalytic reactor
  • 99% removal of product HF in post scrubber
  • Built-in bypass capabilities to allow process tool to operate during PM
  • SEMI S2, S8 & CE compliant
  • Removable access doors for maintenance
  • Creates no hazardous waste
  • Extended catalyst life
  • Low operating temperatures
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Scalable technology


  • Capabilities

    4 Chambers of 200 mm Etch Tool or
    3 Chambers of 300 mm Etch Tool

  • Dimensions

    27'' D x 36'' W x 79'' H

  • Pressure Drop


  • Power

    Less than 4KW Electric

  • Flow

    Rate 200 slpm

  • H2O

    Usage <1 gpm

  • Gas Requirements

    200 slm house air

Catalyst Specifications

  • DRE’s

    > 95% for NF3, CHF3, SF6, CF4, C2F6, C3F8 and c-C4F8

  • Products

    CO2, HF

  • Lifetime

    Greater than 1 Year

  • Used Catalyst Classified as Non-Hazardous

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